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CJDS Spirit Wear Store!

From t-shirts to sweatshirts, pants, accessories, backpacks, and more, you can find all CJDS apparel available to you online. There are several different CJDS logos to choose from, so show your school spirit and go online today to purchase your CJDS swag!
Please note the following before purchasing:
  • We will have samples available at our CJDS events, so you can look at the different options in-person, but ALL purchasing will be done online and not through the CJDS office. This online store allows you to choose from various items, and you can purchase them at your own convenience online with a credit card!
  • Some of the items may seem expensive, but if you purchase multiple of the same product with other CJDS families, the price will go down on each item. For example, a youth t-shirt is $17.95, but if you purchase six of those t-shirts, the price will drop down to $11.97 per t-shirt!
  • Every item has a range of colors available to you to choose from. We highly encourage you to order blue or white shirts because when we have school spirit days and holidays, we encourage our students to dress in blue and white. Also, we encourage all parents to buy at least one CJDS t-shirt for each of your children to wear on school spirit days!
  • You will notice that 90% of the items available online have our CJDS logos, but 10% of the items, DO NOT have the appropriate CJDS branding (see right picture below). Please DO NOT buy those items at this time, which includes the Performance and mesh material items. MyLocker is working on making all of these items with our logos available online soon, so we will notify you once our entire site is complete with our CJDS logos.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our Director of Marketing and Communications, Abbe Vallen at 773-271-2700.
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